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CEQUEAU Hydrological Model

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The steadily increasing use of water resources, together with the changes currently occurring in the earth’s climate, make hydrological forecasting one of the most important aspects of applied hydrology. Hydrological forecasting is essential for flood control, stream regulation, hydroelectric power production, dimensioning of hydraulic structures, and pollution control.
In order to respond to the needs in these domains, hydrologists develop tools called hydrological models. These models have evolved fast in recent decades, along with the development of better and faster performing computers. 
The hydrological model CEQUEAU was developed at the INRS by Honorary Professor Guy Morin and his team. This easy-to-use, matrix-structured and deterministic model takes into account the physical characteristics of watersheds as well as their variations in space and in time.
The CEQUEAU model has been applied to many watersheds in Quebec, Canada, as well as in other parts of the world. In Quebec, it has been applied to around sixty different rivers and has been used to determine Probable Maximal Floods (PMF) in many watersheds in northern Quebec. It has also frequently been used by many Quebec-based organisations to predict flow in real-time.

Many articles and reports have been published about the CEQUEAU model. A substantial list of those publications may be found through Google Scholar

There are two versions of the CEQUEAU model:


  • The original version consists of the model body originally programmed in FORTRAN and compiled for 32-bit PC computers, and an interface programmed in C++, also compiled for PCs with a 32-bit Version of Windows. This version will not run on a 64-bit PC, unless an emulator is installed.
    Download the demo version of the original model (zip)


  • The new version is a translation of the original model in C++, done by the hydrological forecasting team of Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA). The programs are compiled for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. The RTA team also developed a series of scripts and Matlab functions to facilitate the use of the model. 
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    (Please note that documentation is available in French only, an English version will be available soon).






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