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By jeanmichel.theriault - Posted on 27 avril 2011

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2020 RATES

 Machine hourly rateHandling (/batch)*Reevaluation (/core)**Additional assistance(/h)***


* This cost includes the handling of the sample, the adjustment of the acquisition parameters, and the delivery of the raw (unprocessed) data (a photograph of the sample, an X-ray radiography, and the raw (unprocessed) chemical analyses expressed in peaks of dispersion energy area). This cost corresponds approximately to one hour of work.

** This cost includes curves fitting procedure for the reevaluation of the dispersion energy spectra and the extraction of the selected individual element peak areas from spectrum. This step is optional and can be carried out later. This cost corresponds to approximately 75 minutes of work.


Remark: With a good standard, transformation of peak areas into concentration can be processed.

*** In the case of special samples (other than cores), the handling time could be longer than normal. The professional's time will then be invoiced according to the normal time rate.

Time estimation of micro X-ray fluorescence analysis


Each point of analysis has a surface of 100 microns per 4 mm wide (parallel to stratigraphy). If a 1 meter-long core is continuously analysed, 10000 analysis points are obtained. The quality of the analysis increases with x-ray exposure time, particularly for the trace elements. Minimum time is 1 second/point.

1 sec per point10000 sec/m2.8 h/meter
2 sec per point20000 sec/m5.5 h/meter
3 sec per point30000 sec/m>8.3 h/meter
4 sec per point40000 sec/m11.1 h/meter
5 sec per point50000 sec/m13.9 h/meter

To decrease the duration and cost of analyses, we can make analyses every 200 µm or every 300 µm, etc… It is also possible to combine high spatial resolution analyses but with a shorter acquisition time and a set of more spaced analyses with longer acquisition times for improved analysis quality.


A table for estimating time and cost is available here